Basic Requirements
To ensure full use of the resources on the website there are some necessary technology requirements. Depending on which course you choose you may need some or all of the following:
    •    A computer, tablet or smart phone
    •    Broadband/high speed internet access
    •    An email account for communication
    •    A printer to print out practice tests for reading and listening
    •    Speakers or headphones to listen to the audio files
    •    A microphone and headset/speakers & Webcam (optional) for Skype based speaking lessons

Software Requirements
The resources on the website come in different formats
    •    Webpage documents
    •    PDF files
    •    MP3 files
    •    Online quizzes to test your knowledge

Most recent computers come with the appropriate software to view these files, however if you can't open a file, you may need to download appropriate software on the internet such as:
    •    Adobe Acrobat Reader
    •    Adobe Flash Player

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