Dear OET Online

I enrolled in a writing course just one week before the test date and Steve provided correction very quickly and offered a lot of useful suggestions and very constructive feedback. Luckily, I passed my OET in January with 4 Bs. I appreciate his patience and care for the students. Many thanks.

Cathy Yang Nurse Sydney

Hi Steve,
I am writing to let you know that I have just passed OET on my first attempt. It is really an incredible result that seems to be over my dream. I greatly appreciate your assistance as well as invaluable support from Glenn and Elizabeth during the virtual course. Hope good health for all of you in order to assist more students in achieving their goals.  
Best regards,
Katy Nguyen Podiatrist Brisbane
Dear Steve,
I am so excited that I passed my writing this time and cannot wait to share this good news with you.  Thanks for all the concerted efforts from your team and also, please convey my thankfulness to my tutor Remy. I cannot believe that  I passed it with a 4 B this time and I will definitely recommend my friends to enrol OET Online if they need any help!  Your team is amazing! Thanks sooo much again smile
Best wishes,
Ying Nurse Sydney

Hi Steve,

I just opened my OET result and I passed the exam!!!! I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart because you believe that I will make it. Thank you for your words of encouragement during our reading lectures, it was really helpful and it motivates me a lot. May you continue to inspire more aspiring Nurses here in Australia and all over the world!!! To God Be All the Glory! OET online is truely the best.

Jenny Nurse Brisbane

Hello Steve,
I hope you are well. Here are my test results.
Thank you so much for all the support and guidance especially to my tutors.
Finally, I passed the writing sub-test! I received C and C+ before. I am so happy I received B. 
Happy holidays!
Jona Mari Carlos
Nurse Standard Course, Sydney

Dear Steve,

I am writing you to thank you and your wonderful team for your help in OET Test preparation. I've got my "B"s and now I can move forward with my profession.
Your course is one of the best courses I've ever done (and I have done quite a few units and courses over the years as a Uni student in Australia and back in Russia as a student of Moscow State Lomonosov University). If there is an award "A teacher of the year" or "The Best Australian Teacher" I would nominate you and your colleagues for this award. It was such a pleasure to be a part of your course. That was a really great experience that I will remember. 
I wish you, Glenn, Elizabeth and Sanae Merry  Christmas and Happy New Year.
Yours sincerely,
Elena Marsh, Nurse Platinum Course, Gold Coast

Dear Steve,

I have passed my OET exam (3rd December) with 3Bs and A for writing. This was my 3rd attempt and I was about to do IELTS, because I got 3Bs and C for Speaking for all two times. But with your advice, fortunately I decide to do it again and received good results. Thank you very much for all your help and advice.
Wish your merry Christmas and happy New Year

Kind regards 

Madura- Veterinarian, Brisbane

Hi Steve,

Thanks to Allah and with your help I have passed my 3rd December 2017 OET exam. I got B in all sections and overall B.
Thanks again for your guidance and help that I am able to get B again 2nd time. You are the best and this website is the best to guide those who wants to give
OET. I recommended my Doctor friend also and he also got B.
Thanks again. GOD bless you.
Happy Xmas and Happy New year in advance to you and your team
Dr.Omar Brunei Darussalam

Dear Steve,

I am writing to inform you that I have passed the OET test with three Bs in listening, writing and speaking and A in reading.
Many thanks for Steve, Glenn and Elizabeth who have helped me in speaking and writing subtests. Your help and advice were the guideline for me to pass this tricky test.
Yours sincerely,

Ayad Jbreeta Doctor Melbourne

OH MY GOD!! I passed OET 4Bs on the first attempt!

I highly recommend OET Online.

Thank you very much Steve and all the teachers

Bancy Smits Nurse WA

Hi Steve,

I just checked my results online and I’m really surprised that I got 4Bs, it must be a Christmas miracle! I’m extremely happy and feeling like the biggest obstacle, the iron gate of OET, has been opened miraculously for me. I’m so grateful to you and your team for supporting me through this. I still can’t believe it! wide eyes Thank you so much. I truly appreciate and I’m so glad that I chose OET Online as my guidance towards this success.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and happy new year 2018.

Pan Gurung, Nurse Brisbane


Hi Steven,

You may already know that I  was able to reach 4 Bs in my first attempt.

When I started to study for OET, I did not have idea about the exam, so I searched in the internet, but there were not many resources. Then I checked for an online course, there were a few, but it was so difficult to choose the most suitable course. However, at last, after a through analysis, I selected OET Online.

The materials in your web site are carefully prepared to simulate original exam questions. I can understand the effort you had taken to prepare them. I had purchased some OET books from another website. Unfortunately, they were not up to level. So, I did not do them, I wasted my money.

You and your team work like real teachers, not businessmen.You pointed out my mistakes and how to correct them. You gave extra support to improve my weak areas. You know, how I struggled with writing but you gave me extra energy to succeed in this exam. If I had a teacher like you for the IELTS, I may have passed it so easily.

Finally , I wish you happiness and continue your good work. I think you are the mastermind in this comprehensive online course.

Many regards,

Lakshan Mendis Doctor Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Dear Mr MacPhail

I received my June 12 exam result, I have PASSED with B grade past in all the modules needed for my registration. I would like to thank you and all the tutors for the guidance and support during  preparation course. To all health professionals out there,  the OET Online preparation course really  does work.

The support that the tutors gave was so helpful.

Thank you again

Imelda Group Classes Nurses

Hi Steve,

Thank you for all your help. I finally received B grade in reading. I must admit I was not surprised because Glenn really helped me out on focusing and mastering the strategies. A big shout out to Remy for being strict on checking my writing skills and he really pushed me to work hard on it. To Elizabeth who encourages me more to practice my speaking skills and giving me a lot of advice on how to handle a difficult conversation. Your program is worth every dollar I have spent and I have learned a lot from it. Thank you and God bless you. I will surely recommend you to all my friends.

Sincerely Yours,
Princess Munoz
Enrolled Nurse Townsville

Hello Steve,
It's a pass. First attempt at the OET exam in April and my grades are Listening- A, Reading- B,Writing- B, Speaking- (B), after my request re-marking speaking sub-test ,and it has been changed from C to B. I greatly appreciate your and the entire OET online teams help, during the entire duration of the course. I can now start my career as a Pharmacist in Australia.

Thanks once again and i will surely recommend OET online to all my friends and colleagues.
Ahmed Pharmacist Ultimate KSA

Hello Steve,

I am one of the online writing module student from Sydney. I wanted to inform you that I took 13th may OET nursing and got B in all modules.I studied from your grammar clinic and watched your Q and A videos. I must say that it was really helpful for me. Thank you very much for everything. I really like your online teaching and website and would recommend it to my friends.  I am so happy. I felt OET really helps you to develop skills required for your profession. It's much easier than other English tests.


Kruti (Nurse)

Hello Steve,

Its a pass. First attempt at the OET exam and my grades are Listening- B, Reading- A, Writing- B, Speaking- A. I greatly appreciate your and the entire OET online teams help, during the entire duration of the course. I can now start my career as a Dentist in Australia.

Thanks once again and i will surely recommend OET online to all my friends and colleagues.


Alifiya,   (Dentist Platinum Course)  Melbourne

Hi Steve,

I took the OET exam last month, and I just checked my results on the website.As it was the first time I took the examination, I was very nervous and was not

confident. Surprisingly, I got 4Bs!!!! I really appreciate your help and support and will recommend my friends to OET Online.


Kayoko  (Radiographer Ultimate Course) Gold Coast

Hi Steve
I passed my OET exam with 3 B and A in the writing. You told me in my first writing task that I have a chance to get A and i got it.  smile
Thanx a lot for your help, it was a very helpful course and thanx to Elizabeth my Skype tutor and to Glenn. You are really kind people.
Doctor, New Zealand

Dear Steve 

I achieved 4 Bs  in my first trial, I really appreciate all your help, which helped me to achieve this result.

I am eternally grateful for everything you have taught me. Not only for my exam,  but it was also helpful for my everyday life. I will tell all my friends about your wonderful Virtual classes  and materials .

Samaher Doctor Oman

Dear Steve and all the teachers,

Finally I have received my March OET results today (OET had some problem with my results) and I achieved all B’s at the first attempt! 

All virtual classes and online resources were great and really helped me to get through my OET exam. I am so grateful to you all for your help.

Thank you so much!

Miki Kido  Nurse Gold Coast

Dear Steve 

I achieved 4 Bs!

I really appreciate all your help and I am eternally grateful for everything you have taught me.  Absolutely i will tell to all my friends about your wonderful virtual classes.

Not only in my exam، it was also helpful for my everyday life.  The next step is clinical examination in Melbourne!

Best regards 

Mana  Nasseri  Doctor Gold Coast

Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for all your support and effort in improving my reading skills, it really improved my reading skills and enabled me to get through OET this time. I achieved B in all this time and preparing for registration process. I have recommended few friends of mine to contact you for classes and they will probably contact you shortly. FINALLY done with OET. Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,

Pabitra  Perth  Virtual Reading Class + Teacher Support

Hi Steve ,

Hope you are doing well. Today I received the OET results and you will be happy to know that I got 4 Bs straight away in just one attempt ... I just wanted to say a BIG BIG THANKS to

you and all your team members because without all you guys it wasn't easy for me to get my preparations done . Thanks for all your support and sharing your experience and all useful tips regarding exam.

Take care, 

Hafza Maria   Standard

Hi Steven,

I am very happy that I passed my OET exam for nursing. I got 4B in January, 2017. I was having trouble with speaking but finally I scored in all sub-test at a same exam. Your team helped me pass OET but also improve my English level.

I want to say thank you very much to you and your OET Online team (Glenn, Nic and Elizabeth).

Rita (Nurse Brisbane)

I would like to say thank you because I already passed my OET writing subtest. I enrolled in writing course in Nov 2016 and was assigned to Mr Remy, who  was very accommodating.

I didn’t pass the Nov. exam but took again this Jan. and finally passed. Your reviewers were very helpful.It made me understand grammar, vocabulary, tenses etc. quicker than I could ever imagine.  It’s the best!!!

Again thank you and God bless. May you help more people.


Abegail (Nurse Singapore)

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service you provide.When I did my December exam I passed all three components apart from reading..... but I have a good news....it is hard to believe but  I passed the January reading!!!I am so pleased and I know I could not do this on my own.....I would strongly advise everyone to do the preparation course......especially the virtual classes. 

 Maria (Nurse)

Hi Steve,

I sat OET last January 14 and very pleased with the result. I finally cleared OET and can get on with my nursing registration after numerous attempts. I salute your passion in helping students in getting us through this obstacle to

get ourselves qualified to practice in Australia. A big " Thank you to all of you, especially Glenn. Wohooo.....I finally made it. 

Flordeliza (Nurse)

Virtual Class- Listening

Dear Steve,

I studied online standard course and sit the OET exam in Brisbane on 14th, January. Today, I've got the happiest news which I have been waiting for a long time.I got all Bs and passed the test for my nursing registration!! Thank you so much to Steve, my tutor Elizabeth Aubin and all other OET online staff for supporting my study and leading me to success. I would surely recommend this online course to my friends.

Yuko (Standard Course)

Nurse, Cairns

Dear Steve,
I am very grateful to you and your entire team for your support and feedback. I was struggling to pass OET writing and was almost depressed. After receiving your feedback and wonderful material, I passed OET this time. I have no word to say thank you for your entire team and I will definitely refer my other friends to you in future.
Kind regards

Pabitra Virtual Writing Class + Online Grammar Review
(Nurse, Sydney)

Hi Steve 

I just got my OET test results today and I am overwhelmed. I got B’s in all four domains. A warm thank you for your help, guidance and support. Not only the helpful 1:1 speaking sessions and detailed corrections and comments of those looking over all my writing tasks, but also the kind and motivating conversations and exam tips that helped a lot and made me carry on and believe I can do it. I am so happy.  I have got a grad job offer already from Queensland Health and now I got the scores I needed. I will apply for registration to AHPRA soon.  I cannot express how grateful I am to you and all OET online team. Thanks for the great tips and materials and keep up the good work !

Kind regards

Krishna (Nurse)

Group Classes Brisbane

Hi team,

I have passed the exam with a big B in reading, thank you very much for your efforts, support and guidance. You are such a wonderful and great team. Your lessons & teaching strategies were very helpful. I appreciate your help & support. In addition, I strongly recommend Steve, Glenn and OETONLINE team to pass OET test.


Zainab (Ultimate)

Doctor Queensland

Dear Steve,
 I have passed the exam! It is so UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  A special credit to you and your dream team, with the endless support and encouragement from you, Elizabeth and Glenn, I have become a survivor of this battle. 
Michelle (Ultimate)
Nurse Hong Kong

Dear Steve,

I am so excited to inform you that I’ve passed OET (December 4) with 3Bs and an A in writing. I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve done to help me in every step during the Ultimate Course (All Skills). Your virtual classes, Skype classes and weekly Q & A have been amazing! I’ve learnt so much, and it’s all thanks to you.

Hussein (Doctor) Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Hi Steve,

I just received the result of my exam and fortunately all of the modules were passed.I would like to express my greatest thanks to you and your team for providing such a good educational classes. I have been given a registrar job opportunity, which will hopefully start in February.

Kind regards,

Mahsa Brisbane (Platinum)

Hello Glenn and Steve..
I have attended a Virtual Reading + Teacher Support course recently from Oct 14 to Nov 9th. I did my exam in nov 12th and i passed in all modules... Thank you so much for the support you gave me.. I was struggling in reading a lot.... Once again thank you...smilesmile
Kind Regards
Petricia (Alice Springs)

Good evening Steve!!
I have got 4Bs today. Really can't imagine how happy I am... Thank you so much for your help and support. OET online has made my dream come true smilesmilesmilesmile
Lovepreet (Nurse , Sydney, Platinum)

Dear Steve,

I am so happy to pass the exam and it is my first time to take it. I am very lucky to have found a very reliable and very up to date review center. I followed all your tips and studied all the online materials and it was all worth it because I passed the exam. I never have any idea about OET until I met Steve and Glenn, you are such wonderful teachers and I learned a lot from your lectures.

My next step is do a bridging course in Nursing and then work in Queensland Healthsmile

Maria (Nurse, Brisbane)

I would like to inform you that I have finally passed my OET test. Last night, after dramatic expectation of results, I received 4 B's.Thank you for the opportunity to study with you and your amazing teachers.The whole process was life changing experience. I've already found a job and will start working in 2-3 months 

Marijana (Nurse Mackay)

My god!!!! I can't believe myself and I achieved 4 B's.   I was very frustrated after my first failure but I learned so much from the Virtual classes and I couldn't have done that without your help.  You really changed my life. Next step is the clinical exam and maybe I'll be in Australia by the beginning of the next year. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Ahmed (Doctor Egypt)

I did it 4 Bs in the exam which was on August 6. Many thanks and I hope all candidates will get their desired score.you were of great help to me both in the writing and speaking section which I purchased from you site.It is a perfect

site to study OET.thanks 

Micheal  (Doctor Kuwait)

Dear Mr MacPhail

I passed the test with 4 B score and I am sure that this could not be possible without having you and your professional  team by my side. Please accept my special appreciation of you for my writing improvement and dear Elizabeth for my speaking and listening. All the courses and virtual classes were useful and necessary and I absolutely recommend your courses to any health profession who need to pass OET.

Best Regards

Nayereh (Nurse, Melbourne)

Dear Steve and Glenn,

Sawasdee ka from Bangkok, Thailand!

I am writing to thank you all for the help you gave me in my OET test preparation. I made it! Straight B in all 4 sub-tests. I was confident all throughout the test. I had the best coaches!
Thank you for being so kind and quick in answering my questions, for the guidance, for everything! After failing IELTS many times, I regretted I did not know about OET earlier on. I am so happy and will definitely endorse this online course to my friends.

Thank you and good luck to all the rest of the candidates!

Stephanie (Nurse: Platinum)

Hi Steve,

I got B for all the modules. Finally I got my "Registration" (HAPPY  DAYS). 
I am starting as a Registered Nurse job from 15th August.

Thank you so much for all your help and tips, Without OET online I would never get through this.  I am very glad that I choose OET ONLINE.

I have highly recommended OET ONLINE COURSE to all  my nursing student friends.  You are amazing Teacher  big grin

Kind regards,
SITA (Nurse: Virtual Classes Writing + Online Grammar Review)

Dear Steven

 I would like to thank you for your patience and appropriate support to guide me through this process. I have received my results yesterday, passing from C to A in writing. I could see how every component of the course complemented my preparation and I definitely recommend your course.

Kind Regards,

Andrea (Doctor: Virtual Classes Writing + Online Grammar Review)

Dear all,

I really want to say thank you all as I have passed OET test.  It was my first test (Physiotherapy) and I did not know how the test looked like especially the  writing test. I have had a lot of information from Steve's Q & A and Glenn's grammar lectures. I really thank Remy for his writing correction which has given me a lot tips to pass.  Remy's writing correction is the best. Other materials such as listening and reading were also wroth practicing because of their similarities to the real OET test. Finally, in speaking test, I had carpal tunnel syndrome patient which was on the OET Online course!!!!!.  

Thank you for your great course and I am sad that I will not see you again but I will recommend this course to my friends who are preparing OET test.

Best regards

Hunkyu (Physio Adelaide)

Hi Steve, 

Writing to you after a while. 

You would be happy to know that I have obtained A in Listerning, and B in Reading, Writing and Speaking. The result has been announced about an hour ago. I am so glad with the result. 

I would like to thank you and OET Online once again for the thorough training that I received face-to-face and online for writing. 

The timing of my OET result is perfect as I am going to apply for the RMO campaign for Queensland and tomorrow is the deadline. 

Best wishes, 
Tahmina  (Doctor Gold Coast)

 Good morning. I was one of your students last year who took the OET in November 2015. I wish to let you know that I recently received my AHPRA nursing registration. yay! smile) Please accept my heartfelt gratitude, Steve and Elizabeth. The journey towards achieving the goal  is challenging but you made it possible. Thank you again and may you continue to inspire more people.

Kind regards,

Catherine Nurse (Shepparton, Victoria)

Dear all,

I passed the OET in the first attempt.

OET Online should change its name to be OET Hospital.

Words will never help me to express how grateful I feel towards the best surgeons/physician in this OET Hospital, namely Steven the OET Emergency Room consultant who did the English resuscitation for me. Remy, the OET surgeon who diagnosed my language diseases and skillfully treated them and last but not least, Glenn the internal medicine consultant for English who put my English health back on track by expert treatment plan.

I strongly recommend this course for those who want to pass the OET from the first attempt

Thank you everyone in OET Online, 

Fayez Doctor Hobart

I would like to inform you that I have passed the exam with B grade in all sub skills.

Dear Steve,

I am extremely glad that I made the decision to join OET Online and passed the exam.  I got A in listening and writing, B in reading and speaking.Thank you so much for your exam tips and for the constant encouraging words. I am grateful to my teachers Nic, Glenn and Remy, without their guidance I could not have achieved this. I am glad that I joined OET Online where my teachers clearly assessed and guided me during my preparation. Thank you once again Steve. 

Warm regards,

Shanthi Periasamy.

(Doctor, Adelaide,  Premium + Virtual Classes)

Hi Steve,

I am glad to let you know that I got through the OET exams which I attended in January 2016. 

I got B's in all 4 modules. I acknowledge the credit goes to the OET online team, especially, you, Glenn, Elizabeth. I am glad that I am proceeding for my registration and acquire a position as an Occupational Therapist soon, which seemed to be a dream once.

 But because of your extended support and excellent services in educating students like me, the dream came true for me and I hope it does for many other  students like me. 

I once again appreciate for providing such an excellent online course. 


( Vijay OT Canberra Ultimate Course)

Thank you for everything. Actually, I reviewed at OET online last July 2015 with Nurse Platinum Course as I was schedule to take the exam in Cebu, Philippines last August 22, 2015. The results were B for Listening, Reading and Speaking while C for writing. I took again another exam last December 12, 2015 in Dubai, UAE and gladly I nailed it with all B's.
I just want to thank you and your team for the superb review for OET! The review was worth it and I'm happy to tell the good news that I passed with all B's.

I am very happy and thankful with OET online since all the reviews and tips were very useful. I am always remembering the tips that all the instructors were sharing. Thank you again!

Christine, Nurse, Saudi Arabia

Hi Steve,
I would like to thank you and Glenn and the rest of the team for helping me to pass OET on my first try with 4 B's. I attended your group class last Dec 2015 and took the exam in January. After i have finished the course, I can really say that it's not as hard as I thought before. During the exam i was able to handle my nerves maybe because i know to myself that i am prepared enough.
I am forever grateful to you guys and will strongly recommend your team to my friends and colleagues

Rhena Nurse Group Classes Brisbane

Dear Steven,

Finally I have got Bs from all four sections ! 

Thank you so much for great support from you, Glen, Elizabeth and good study materials. I cannot appreciate enough. It was great experience for me to study with OET Online and I did a right thing choosing it. 

Now I can start next step to apply to AHPRA. 

Kind regards,

Nanako Nurse Virtual Classes

Hi Steve
I've passed all the skills in this exam.

Apart from different time zones, my working situation made the scheduling of online sessions hard. Also, I was working in a rural area with poor internet connection and ,then, I had to travel to Dubai to take the exam. I appreciate Remy's understanding of my situation, cooperation and helping me till the last day. He is a nice and helpful tutor.

Now, I'm preparing for MCQ CAT exam.

Best regards,
Ali Doctor Iran

Hello Steve, it's me Catherine. I received the Nov. 14 test result and I'm pleased to let you know that I made it. Got an A for Speaking and B's for the remaining sub-tests. Thank you so much for your help, I couldn't have done it without you and Ms. Aubin, as well. Cheers!

Nurse Virtual Classes

Dear Steve,
I am writing to share my happiness on passing OET in November 2015 session.This was my first attempt and I got A grade in listening and B grade in others.I had joined for the all skills prep course self study and OET Online had been my only study material.I convey my extreme gratitude to the OETOnline team.Thank you very much.
Dr Thekkuden

Dear Steve
I just wanted to let you know that I have finally passed the OET exam on my 4th
attempt ! Thank you so much for your help and great materials. I would
definitely recommend OET online to my fellow students who needs help in future.


Chie  Nurse Group Classes Brisbane

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