Virtual Writing Lecture: Platinum Course

OET Online Writing Course

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Virtual Writing:
Unlimited LIVE Writing & Grammar Lectures + Recorded VIDEO
2 x 90-minute lectures every week covering the essential elements of grammar and vocabulary
2 x 90-minute writing lectures every week, focusing on a different set of case notes
Expert UK and Australian Teachers
Dedicated to guiding you to a successful result
Private Writing Tutorials
Private 1 hour sessions with an expert writing tutor
8 Personal Writing Corrections
with detailed feedback and accurate grades within 2 working days
Skill Building Material
Practice tasks, model letters detailed tips & strategies
Grammar and Vocabulary Clinic
with detailed strategies, worksheets and quizzes covering all the essential elements of writing for OET
Prep Hour With Steve
The full video series from OET Online Director covering all aspects of exam preparation
Duration: Up to 6 months
This course can be completed quickly with intense study if you have an upcoming exam, or spread out over a longer period if that is your preference.
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