OET Online All Skills Course

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Unlimited LIVE Virtual Lectures + Recorded VIDEO
90-minute lectures, Twice-daily on Zoom, Mon-Fri (15 hrs/wk)
Expert UK and Australian Teachers
Dedicated to guiding you to a successful result
6 Personal Writing Corrections
With detailed feedback and accurate grades
1 Private Speaking Class
45 minute sessions with an expert Speaking tutor
5 Reading 2.0 Sets*
With detailed answer keys
*1 set equals one full reading practice exam with 42 questions
5 Listening 2.0 Sets*
With detailed answer keys and transcripts
*1 set equals one full listening practice exam with 42 questions
Reading & Listening Libraries
A great source of OET 1.0 practice tests to help you build your foundational Reading & Listening skills
Grammar and Vocabulary Clinic
with detailed strategies, worksheets and quizzes covering all the essential elements of writing for OET
Oral Communication Clinic
with detailed strategies, audio + transcripts, worksheets and quizzes covering speaking for OET
Student Forum
Interact with fellow students & find study buddies
Skill Building Material
Practice tasks, detailed tips & strategies
Prep Hour With Steve
The full video series from OET Online Director covering all aspects of exam preparation
Duration: Up to 4 months
This course can be completed quickly with intense study if you have an upcoming exam, or spread out over a longer period if that is your preference.
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