Our Mission

Our journey began when founder, Steven MacPhail, an English language teacher by profession, began preparing overseas health professionals for the Occupational English Test in the early 2000s, and has since grown into the widely known and officially recognised English learning online institution OET Online that we know today.

As a dedicated, Premium Preparation Provider, our aim is to deliver high-quality English exam preparation materials and LIVE & Interactive Virtual Lectures to ensure exam success of our students. Through the success of our effectively packaged courses, experienced & passionate teaching team and easy-to-use online learning platform, we've helped thousands of health professionals around the world achieve their goals and further their careers as promising, overseas health professionals.

Our Methodology

Here at OET Online, we've implemented a proven method for success by combining the effectiveness of LIVE Virtual Lecture attendance and online Self-Study components.

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LIVE Lectures
Language input through regular attendance to LIVE & Interactive lectures

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Language acquisition & skill building using our wide range of practice tasks, worksheets & quizzes

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Teacher Feedback
Level awareness through teacher feedback from writing corrections & private tutorials

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Our Partners

As an OET fully-endorsed provider, we've been working closely in conjunction with organisations including OET, NHS, Health Education England, ATLANTIS, and other recognised health trusts to help large cohorts of overseas health professionals sponsored by these organisations to pass their English proficiency exams and achieve their language requirements and secure their immediate transition into the workplace.

Our relationship with these organisations began two years ago and we've since been cultivating a trusting relationship as sponsor and education provider for specifically designed courses, including specific class/lecture times and targeted content creation according to student skill level, to fill the needs between us, our partners and the student. Today, the success of these programs continue to grow, and our passing rate for these cohorts continue to increase.

Last modified: Tuesday, 21 March 2023, 9:02 AM