We Make OET Practice Easy with Online Practice Tests and Materials

When it’s time for OET practice, will it be easy or hard? To see what it might be like, here is a tale of two students, Grace and Raj. Grace not only works as an AIN during the day but has a family with 2 school age children to raise. Both have been studying OET practice material and are ready to take an OET practice test.

Grace has enrolled with us at OET Online. She has been taking virtual classes which has helped her develop solid strategies for each of the four sub-skills, writing, reading, speaking and listening. She has attended most live classes, nut sometimes she has missed classes due to her busy life. Nonetheless, she has caught up by watching the video recordings which has keep her preparation on track.  She has submitted writing tasks for correction and received detailed feedback and advice. As a result, her writing skills have improved dramatically. The live video calls on Skype with her personal instructor have helped her to improve her speaking skills. The online practice tests for reading and audio for listening have helped her performed at the required standard. She has also used the online forum to find study partners and completed the interactive quizzes to hone her grammar skills. She is confident that she will do well in an OET practice test.

Grace books the test and passes on her first attempt! Her family and friends are so proud of her and she immediately contacts her instructors to let them know the good news too. They have become like friends on the way. Grace knows she is one step closer to leading a new life with her family in Australia.

What OET Practice Online Is Like with Other Schools

Raj is studying at another school. After initially having some technical difficulties, he was able to download some sample OET practice material with the medical terms he needed to know. Raj was only able to see it on his computer at home and had difficulty opening and viewing it on his phone. So Raj goes through the trouble of printing it out and highlighting some key terms on the stacks of paper. He is studying alone and feels he is making no progress. He spends all night searching other websites for additional study tools. Raj compares his answers to the answer key he is given for the test to see what his score is. However, he is not entirely confident in the English language and is unsure if he is reading or grading it correctly. He has no one to ask or call on about his questions and knows there has to be an easier way. He is not confident in his OET practice and what he has learned.

Raj books the test anyway as he needs to pass OET as soon as possible. Unfortunately Raj doesn’t pass and feels that his dream is now further away than ever.

Which student will you be?

What Makes Our OET Practice Tests and Materials Different?

We began offering OET education and practice materials in 2008 and were the first to offer it online. As innovators in our industry, we continually improve our OET practice test materials every year to keep up with the latest innovations in online education. You can study 24 hours a day at a pace that is comfortable for you. Go slow if your schedule is packed with other responsibilities or you need more time to learn. If your exam date is close and you have more time, you can study intensely and potentially complete our online courses in two or three weeks.

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