B1 - B2 | 120-HR Foundation Course

Our Foundation course is perfect to help B1 & B2 level students improve their academic & medical English skills as a pathway to our OET preparation courses. The course consists of 60hrs of LIVE classes with Recorded VIDEO along with 60hrs of self-study practice tasks.

Our Methodology

Here at OET Online, we've implemented a proven method for success by combining the effectiveness of LIVE Virtual Lecture attendance and online Self-Study components.

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LIVE Classes
Language input through regular attendance to LIVE & Interactive classes

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Teacher Feedback
Expert guidance and feedback to ensure your study goals are met

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Processing & skill building using our wide range of practice tasks, worksheets & quizzes

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Language Improvement!

Course Content

Writing + Grammar
To develop awareness of the standard conventions of medical writing with a focus on grammatical accuracy and vocabulary building.
To develop oral fluency through medical discussion classes on health related topics as well as clinical communication skills via roleplay practice.
To develop critical reading skills through detailed text analysis with a focus on building academic vocabulary and identifying the writer’s opinion and main ideas.
To develop real world listening skills through regular LIVE practice with a focus on building academic vocabulary and understanding of common idioms and expressions.

Student Commitment & Regular Progress Reports

We track student course engagement & provide regular progress reports to the student and the sponsor/organisation to maintain student progress & course completion. Students must attend 80% of LIVE classes & complete 100% of the self-study tasks to graduate.

Progress Reports


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