Our Partners 

As an OET fully-endorsed provider, we've been working closely with organisations including OET, NHS, Health Education England, ATLANTIS, and other recognised health trusts to help large cohorts of overseas health professionals sponsored by these organisations pass their English proficiency exams and achieve their language requirements and secure their immediate transition into the workplace.

We've cultivated a trusting relationship as sponsor and education provider for specifically designed courses, including specific class/lecture times and targeted content creation according to student skill level, to fill the needs between us, our partners and the student. Today, the success of these programs continues to grow, and our passing rate for these cohorts continues to increase.


Carol | Nursing, Zambia
Sponsor: XANDER

"I would like to thank OET Online for their support throughout my OET journey. Before I started lessons I thought I wouldn't make it, because I didn't know what was expected of me during the exam. After a few lessons, everything started making sense and my experience got better. I would like to urge all those who are starting their journey to take every lesson and practice material seriously, because they all have a role to play. Finally, I would like to thank my personal tutor Jools for her tips and encouragement."


Tiba | Medicine, AU
Sponsor: CORE

"I had an amazing experience and learned everything about time management for part A. Regarding parts ( B, C ), all teachers gave me many strategies that helped me to focus on the deep meaning of the paragraphs that helped me solve all parts B and C in 43 minutes. The reading part was difficult for me but with OET online course it became my easiest part. I really appreciate everything about the OET online course. 
My next steps are completing my pathway and to get my permanent registration in the AHPRA."


Abdellah | Podiatry, Spain
Sponsor: HEE

"I'm not a person with a high English level, but thanks to the course and fantastic classes I achieved this goal in 4 months! This would be impossible without you and now I’ll be able to take the next steps in my career. Thank you May, Catherine, Laura, Steve, Gavin and all the OET Online staff. I will definitely recommend your course, because if you helped somebody without a previous English background like me to pass, then most of your students will be successful, so thank you and congratulations for being a highly qualified online school!"


Eloisa | Nursing, UK
Sponsor: MEDACS

"For me, Virtual Classes and Private tutorials were the most useful and helpful in making me understand the concepts and the criteria for grading especially what to keep in mind during the actual examination. 

Be consistent, keep the faith and believe that you can do it! Claim it! Attract positive energy from the Universe! Above all, trust your efforts and trust God."

Boutique Courses Tailor-Made for your Organisation

We deliver bespoke courses designed specifically for your organisation to ensure the success of your health care professionals.
Whether it's our Foundation courses, designed to enhance both general and medical English skills, or our OET Preparation courses, meticulously structured to guide students towards OET success within a specified timeframe, we are committed to delivering results according to your organisation's goals.

Our process for determining & addressing your cohort’s specific needs include:

  • An initial assessment of English proficiency level to ensure that the course content is precisely aligned with their capabilities and objectives
  • Exclusive LIVE classes scheduled at times suited to the availability of the cohort 
  • Frequent monitoring of student progress to ensure maximum participation & engagement

Progress Reports

We provide regular student progress reports tracking a student's completion of the weekly study requirements, accessible to all parties including the student, their assigned tutor and their sponsor/organisation to maintain student progress & successful course completion. 

Progress Report Graphic

Voted #1 Provider by the NHS

Here at OET Online, you can be assured of the quality in our course content and student experience, supported by our claim as the #1 OET Premium Provider by the NHS. An evaluation was conducted by the NHS to measure the performance and impact of multiple OET Providers delivering English Language Training. The results showed OET Online ranking #1 in terms of exam success and student satisfaction including:

  • Overall pass rate
  • Overall student satisfaction
  • Responsiveness to student queries
  • Best value for money in terms of courses offered

Check out the responses provided by the NHS agencies when asked “What made OET Online standard out from other OET Premium Providers?”

I worked very well with Steve McPhail.
Easy to communicate with, always eager to help as much as possible to maximise pass rate, flexible with candidates allowing them extra reviewing when needed as well as providing regular reports and updates.”

OET Online - Most flexible with class options
-Great results -Provide great quality services and reports -Allows candidates to access their portal even after their deadlines.”
OET Online is by far my first preference
- the course set up, course fee and progress reports are in line with what is needed/expected. For our candidates (which is the most important part) the flexibility, course set up and information shared with them is very helpful and more suited to our candidate's schedules.”
OET Online understand that we are working with health care professionals & need some flexibility.
They are thorough in their progress reports & it's very helpful seeing the traffic light system on the reports. They are very organised & responsive.”
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