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Course Description

The Oral Communication Clinic has been designed to help students improve their speaking skills. You will find essential information to help you communicate confidently and effectively over a wide range of medical interview scenarios. The course contains the following resources and more:

  • Model Roleplays with audio files and transcripts
  • Skill building and language development worksheets on many topics including:
    • Starting the roleplay
    • Techniques for asking questions
    • Explaining medical conditions
    • Patient education
    • Providing reassurance
    • Using positive language
    • Explaining risks and consequences
    • Breaking bad news with sensitivity
    • Dealing with difficult patients
    • Vocabulary and expression worksheets
    • Techniques for developing fluency

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Course Description

This a unique resource to OET Online which has been designed to help students improve their writing skills in general, with a specific focus on the grammar and vocabulary required to write medical referral letters. It has been designed to allow you, the student, to study at your own pace and to take control of the learning process. All explanations are based on medical contexts with details of incorrect and correct sentences. Careful study of these worksheets will allow you to avoid the common mistakes and write referral letters which meet the standard required to pass the OET exam. The course contains the following worksheets:

  • Verb Tense Usage
    • Present perfect
    • Simple past
    • Past perfect
    • Active and Passive verb from
    • Subject-verb agreement
  • Sentence Structure
    • Compound sentences
    • Parallel structures
    • Complex sentences
  • Article Usage
    • Countable & uncountable nouns
    • a/the/an usage
  • Vocabulary
    • Useful expressions
    • Phrasal verbs
  • Cohesion
    • Useful signal markers and linking words
  • Appropriateness of Language
    • Informal and casual expressions
    • Medical terminology
    • Referring to a patient
  • Common Errors
    • Difficult words
  • Punctuation
    • Letter format
    • Comma Usage
    • Capitalisation


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This is a forum that is open to all OET Online students. It is an online community where you can chat with other health professionals from a wide variety of countries who share a common goal of passing OET and working in Australia or New Zealand. You will be able to
  • share exams tips and strategies
  • ask questions
  • find study partners
  • communicate
  • expand networks
  • help others achieve their goals

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